Students Compete in Turkish Olympics, Displaying Skills in Various Categories

March 3, 2009 (Tuesday)

The Pacifica Institute, established in California, organized the 2009 Turkish Language Olympics. This year, 160 kids from 17 different schools participated. The students contested in five unique categories.

The skills the students displayed fell into the categories of singing, folklore, poetry, and sketch. Students also had the chance to show their strengths in grammar and essay categories.

The first place contestant in the poetry contest was David Bressler, a student from Sonoran Science Academy. A student from Magnolia Science Academy in California, Patriceia Sebastian, was awarded second place. Third place was awarded to Mary Branigan and Demia Mosthaff from Coral Science Academy in Nevada.

Bay Area Technical School students were awarded the gold medal in the sketch category. The silver medal was awarded to students from Sonoran Science Academy Broadway.

Brandon Thandi, a student from Sonoran Sunset Arizona, displayed his masterful art of water marbling, painting two tulips next to the American and Turkish flags. He was awarded the gold medal for his painting, and received much applause.

The Coral Academy of Science in Nevada received the gold medal and the cup for their folk-dance team’s routine.

The Turkish Language and Performing Arts Content is organized every year by Pacifica Institute. The contest invites students from all over the United States to compete in a wide range of categories, including folk dance, sketch, poetry, and singing.