Bill Poulos Writes Open Letter to World Leaders

Bill Poulos of Profits Run, Inc. recently released an open letter written to World Leaders. The open letter addressed the question of what Poulos would want current leaders of the world to think about now so that our next hundred years on the planet turn out great.


President Obama Appoints Merrick Garland to Supreme Court

President Barack Obama made a decision to appoint Merrick Garland as the next Supreme Court Justice.


160 Students Compete in Turkish Language Olympics

The 2009 Turkish Language Olympics were held at the Pacifica Institute, located in Southern California. Over 155 kids from over 15 schools participated in the Language Olympics. The students were competing in five categories, including but not limited to poetry, sketch, and singing.


The Force Behind the Hizmet Movement Continues World Peace Efforts

Scholars from more than twenty different countries got together for the Rumi Forum conference. The Rumi Forum conference was two days. Held in Washington D.C., the Rumi Forum conference followed the international Hizmet Symposium. Read more on the world peace effort here.